Kansas City Chiefs fans deserve a vacation from this team

  • It’s time to pretend this was a seven game season.

Sunday has become a day for laundry. A day for pumpkin patches. A day for tending the yard. Sunday is no longer reserved for watching the Kansas City Chiefs. That’s what the Chiefs told us in their 26-16 loss to the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead yesterday.

The Chiefs are ceding that day to you. Their next two games are on a Thursday and a Monday. So use this moment as a clean break. Take them off the calendar and instead start circling some other dates. Missouri fans can circle Saturday, with the Tigers finally getting a win in the SEC. Kansas State fans can circle the same day as the start of a potential path toward the national championship game. And Sporting KC fans know that the team’s playoff run begins Sunday, November 4.

There are channels just waiting to be clicked and games where you can once again have a real rooting interest. The Chiefs don’t deserve your anger. They don’t deserve your attention. They don’t deserve you.

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