Kansas Citians will experience controlled power outages today

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One of our first neighborhoods to lose power. // Photo by Travis Young

Across the Kansas City area, Evergy and Independence Power and Light will be turning off the power of residents for 30-60 minutes. The controlled power outages began at 12:15 p.m. today and will continue as the company works to relieve the power grid, which has been exhausted of available energy resources.

The move was authorized by Southwest Power Pool, the company that coordinates power grids across 17 states and includes electricity providers like Evergy and Independence Power and Light. The operator directed and approved the power providers to conduct the controlled outages in an effort to prevent long-lasting and more widespread uncontrolled outages.

In a press release, Evergy told customers that all customers should expect outages, but gave no schedule or warning for which blocks will be affected and at what time. The release also warns that outages could last longer than 60 minutes because of the cold. The company asks customers who experience longer outages to report them but to otherwise conserve energy and “bundle up” as they shut down power to people in sub-zero temperatures.Image

The controlled outages will affect different blocks during each 30-60 minute time period and can be tracked on Evergy’s outage map. Currently, the map shows over 25,000 people without power. Independence Power and Light outage map shows over 100 people without power. The outages come as temperatures in the city sit at -3, with a -30 degree wind chill.

Please take care. This sucks.

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