Kansas busts Obama’s bracket, K-State is Sweet Sixteen bound and Mizzou sent home

Tears were falling Saturday. Northern Iowa shocked Kansas in a controlled 69-67 victory that busted the brackets of President Obama and a lot of others (myself included). The Panthers pulled off the biggest upset of the weekend, sending the No. 1 overall team in the nation home without any hardware.

Cheer up, Jayhawk fans. You still might win a national title in debate.

Also Saturday, Kansas State downed the Jamming Joseph Smiths of BYU, sending the Wildcats to Salt Lake City and the Sweet Sixteen (a place K-State hadn’t been since 1988) to meet Xavier (game time is 8:37 p.m. Thursday). The Wildcats may not have been able to beat KU this season, but they’re still dancing and that’s all that matters. 

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