Kannabis Club, Inner Altar, The Royal Chief, and more of the best local music videos

A new year has arrived; time to reflect on the passage of time and the possibility of the future here at your monthly installment of Cine Local. In this spirit, we kick things off with a look at the history of an (in)famous Kansas City musician, hit some hip-hop and hard rock highlights of the past month, and end with a look ahead at an upcoming release. Enjoy. 

The Sad History of Puddle of Mudd

Rock Feed glosses over the band’s Kansas City beginnings, choosing instead to dwell on Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin’s drug abuse, domestic abuse, and legal problems. There are certainly quite a few mug shots, though, and if you’ve been wondering exactly what the hell happened to the once and future kings of nu-metal, the video provides a solid primer on where Puddle of Mudd went and where they might be heading.

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Kannabis Club, “Fuck Shit Up” 

The line Kannabis Club always got some trees to blow kicks off a track that explores the group’s dedication to taking trips into outer space via the consumption of Herculean quantities of mind-altering substances. Weed, obviously, and also mushrooms are the name of the game here, and the video’s visuals provide a psychedelic compliment to the psychotronic sci-fi lyrical flow.

You can listen to all of the album from which “Fuck Shit Up” is taken, High From Space, on Spotify

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Jason Vivone, “Amazing Grace” 

Blues guitarist Jason Vivone knocks out a slide guitar version of “Amazing Grave” so lovely, we’re willing to overlook the portrait orientation of this live video. Vivone played the track as part of the CD release show for Noah Davis’ A Simple Gospel EP at Christ Family Church in Olathe on December 8. Given the setting and circumstances, we can’t imagine a more fitting number.

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The Royal Chief, “Best of Things” feat. Baj 

Director Taye Taye provides these amazing close-up images for nearly the entirety of “Best of Things,” which really brings to the forefront the Royal Chief’s lyrics: I don’t need everything/ ‘Cause I got everything/ There are no better things/ ‘Cause they’re not you. It’s repeated by Baj in the hook, turning the track into a reflection between two people. It’s pretty sweet, and kind of sad, but overall beautiful.

You can listen to all of the EP from which “Best of Things” is taken, 3 Pack, on Soundcloud

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Inner Altar, “Lives of Fire” 

Kansas City metal label The Company has a reputation for doom, which leads to a lot of the acts on its roster getting tagged with that moniker in some way, shape, or form. The quartet Inner Altar might’ve come close to that genre appellation on its first two EPs, but for its first full-length, Vol III, the band fully embraces the feel of late ’80s hard rock, minus the gloss and sheen. Think Danzig by way of the Cult, playing in a big, raucous warehouse. “Lives of Fire” is but a glimpse of what you can expect on the new album.

You can pre-order Inner Altar’s Vol III from the Company’s webstore

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Radkey live at Daytrotter Studios

The brotherly rock ‘n’ roll trio played four cuts at Daytrotter Studios in Davenport, Iowa, just ahead of Christmas. There were two from the band’s last LP, Dark Black Makeup — “Love Spills” and the title cut — along with two of its recent singles, “St. Elwood” and “Rock & Roll Homeschool.” The guys have promised a new full-length in 2019, so keep an eye on their socials for the announcement.

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Rory Fresco, “BTW” 

We’ve become so used to seeing Kansas City rappers shooting videos in and around their neighborhoods that when director Jesse Ray Payne put Rory Fresco on a beach and a yacht somewhere with palm trees, our jaws pretty much hit the ground. What was once a massive cliche gets a fresh take with some crazy animation and legitimate sense of joy.

You can listen to all of the album from which “BTW” is taken, Pretty Death Machine, on Spotify

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Jessie Bear, “Feel” 

The video for “Feel” starts and you think for, like, half a second that it’s going to be some sort of acoustic folk-punk, but then turns into this massive-sounding track reminiscent of Pavement’s glory days. The video’s by no means fancy, but it looks really nice, and emphasizes the heartfelt honesty in the lyrics. The swirling outro is flipping wonderful, too, and so, we end the year being charmed by someone in a bear hat and a tweed jacket.

Jessie Bear’s self-titled album is out January 20, but you can listen to their first two releases on Bandcamp.

Are you a local musician with a new video? Email nicholas.spacek@gmail.com.

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