K2 is outlawed, but new weed alternatives are already hitting stores

You can smoke this in public and the Man will just have to sit there groovin’ on it.

​Lawmakers and cops argue that making K2 synthetic weed a Schedule I controlled substance willl keep the good, God-fearing citizens of Kansas safe. Less than 48 hours after Gov. Mark Parkinson signed the ban, store owners are showing the futility of lawmakers’ posturing.

Hutchinson’s KWCH reports that another legal marijuana alternative is already on headshop shelves. The new products are called “Maui Hybrid,” and “Hawaiian Haze,” and just like K2, they mimic the effects of weed. Supposedly the products come from the South African Canna plant and contain neither THC nor the synthetic cannabinoids that made K2 work. But considering how much disinformation was floating around about K2, you should be wary of such claims.

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