Just Us Folk$

Republicans are playing up Sarah Palin’s moose-huntin’, churchgoin’, baby-makin’ ways. Tennessee congresswoman Marsha Blackburn declared Palin “a voice that spoke with the accent of real America” at the party’s convention.

But hockey moms and NASCAR dads make up only a portion of the Republican base. Sen. John McCain’s most generous supporters live in places like Mission Hills and polish golf handicaps at Hallbrook Country Club. They are captains of industry, law, finance and urology. Some inherited their fortunes; others, like Del Kimball, who makes his money in payday loans, scratch them out one high-interest loan at a time.

Below is a mostly complete list of area residents who have given McCain’s campaign $2,300, the maximum individual contribution allowed. May their magnums of 1989 Bourdeaux run over this political season. (Note: Places of business reflect public records and may not be current.)

Click here to see a chart of McCain’s top local donors.

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