Just Go With It

Adam Sandler’s latest turn as a redeemable cad casts the Grown Ups star as Danny, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon ready to settle down after meeting 23-year-old hottie, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). That is, until she stumbles upon the fake wedding ring he totes around to help him get laid.

The two end up heading off to Hawaii with Danny’s assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), pretending to be his soon-to-be-ex-wife, and her two kids passing off as his. There’s little doubt that this rom-com will end with Danny and Katherine together — especially after director Dennis Dugan shows us (and Danny) how Aniston’s bikini-clad body stacks up against Decker’s — but there’s no shortage of complications along the way.

As in many a Sandler picture, Just Go With It is a tale of escalating lies that finally give way to truth and of childish behavior eventually corrected, strung along by lowbrow jokes that hit and miss in roughly even number. Among the hits, a staged golf-course photo session spoofs the phoniness of family vacation pics. But there’s also the inevitable array of fecal jokes, as well as mean-spirited digs at Latina nannies, fat women and pregnant black mothers.

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