Judge will wait to rule on ‘voluntary manslaughter’ defense for abortion doctor’s alleged killer

Interesting stuff coming out of the motion hearing for Scott Roeder, the man accused of killing Wichita abortion provider George Tiller.

Thanks to the Wichita Eagle‘s Ron Sylvester, those of us who couldn’t be in Wichita for today’s hearing could follow along with his play-by-play on Twitter.

You definitely get the feeling that Judge Warren Wilbert is exhausted with the repeated motions from both sides after this update from Sylvester.

Judge Warren Wilbert said: “I hope this is the final installment of motions.”

Wilbert was also clear on what the trial was about, captured in updates from Sylvester.

Wilbert: “This trial is not about abortion and will not become a forum about abortion issues.”

Wilbert: This is a trial about first-degree murder and the victim just

happened to be an abortion.

Wilbert is reiterating that he did not rule that voluntary manslaughter would be available. He said he it might be available.

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