Judge in Roeder case gave money to Kansans for Life, took money from Tiller attorney

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Leonard Zeskind is filing dispatches from the trial of Scott Roeder, the man accused of killing Wichita abortion provider George Tiller, for the Huffington Post.

In yesterday’s post, “Still Picking the Jury, A Word About Kansas,” he writes that jury selection is still underway (it’s finally reached voir dire in which prospective jurors tell their backgrounds and beliefs, which is especially interesting in this case).

Zeskind makes a point of noting an Associated Press story from last week that noted Judge Warren Wilbert had paid Kansans for Life (he called them “Kansas Right to Life”) $75 for an ad in a newsletter that included articles titled, “Update on Tiller charges” and “Planned Parenthood — a Snake in the Grass!”

“The Kansans for Life PAC urges you to vote for, work for and pray for the following pro-life candidates,” the ad read. Kansans for Life also endorsed Warren’s 2008 re-election campaign.

But Zeskind failed to mention a fact that would have given his story some balance.

In June 2008, Wilbert received a $500 campaign contribution from one of Tiller’s attorneys, Dan Monnat.

“I donated to his campaign because I thought he was a good judge and would continue to be a good judge,” Monnat told the AP.

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