Joplin’s Me Like Bees delivers a rare kind of energy at the Riot Room

Me Like Bees

Wednesday, March 23

The Riot Room

Better than: Any opener since Me Like Bees played RecordBar or, before that, since Tony Ladesich and Kasey Rausch played those gorgeous Stones duets at Crosstown Station.

It may have been 9 p.m. on a Wednesday at the Riot Room, and only a third of the crowd had shown, but Me Like Bees’ frontman Luke Sheafer and bass player Asher Poindexter had mischievous grins on their faces as the band drummed and strummed its way to a tuneless opening crescendo. The Joplin band immediately launched into the hard-rocking one-two punch of “The Devil’s Song” and “Good Machine” — buoyant funk rockers with the raw edges of punk and the weight of metal. Poindexter’s whole body dipped, turned and rocked with the groove, while Sheafer addressed the mic with the intensity of a man whose life depends on making everyone in the room feel the music.

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