Jonny Fritz, country wiseass, is at RecordBar tonight

  • Jonny Fritz.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter (and leather strap salesman) Jonny Fritz likes to say things that other people hold back, but his unassuming brand of country makes for a pleasant backdrop to what might otherwise be uncomfortable moments. When he sings about “all the boozers and losers and scratchers-of-their-asses” on his new album, Dad Country, he’s lambasting Hollywood, but he may as well be half-joking about the audience, too. Ditto for when Fritz muses in his velvety croak that he’s been “runnin’ with the wrong crowd” of barroom dwellers. Not that anyone in attendance is likely to mind. In fact, identifying with Fritz’s characters is half the fun, and several of his songs contain moments tailor-made for drunken singalongs. Even when he brushes against more serious themes like hopelessness and suicide, the music still goes well with swigs of beer.

Jonny Fritz, with the Devil Makes Three. Tuesday, April 30, at RecordBar. $15.

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