Jon Sloan fights back against federal drug charges

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The FDA raided two Lawrence stores known for selling K2 earlier this month, and coincidentally, these were also the only two stores in Kansas to be represented at legislative hearings on the potential ban (read all about it in this week’s Pitch feature story, “Fake

Reefer Madness“).

Jon Sloan — owner of Bouncing Bear Botanicals and apparent K2 distributor for most of the shops selling it in eastern Kansas — was charged with multiple felonies, including seven counts of unlawful cultivation or distribution of a controlled substance and one for paraphernalia. His assets were frozen, including his six-year-old son’s savings account. If he’s found guilty, Sloan might not be out until his kid’s old enough to buy him a congratulations-on-your-parole beer.

If this is sort of case that gets you righteously pissed, you should check out There you can read Sloan’s arguments for yourself, see pictures of his destroyed store, and if you’re so inclined contribute to Sloan’s defense fund.

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