Johnny Angel



Staying true to the holiday season, members of the Heartland Men’s Chorus sample all things “Angel” during this weekend’s concerts at the Folly Theater, 300 West 12th Street. Executive Director Rick Fisher says “Angel” promises “a wide range of music, from chant to pop … a real traditional holiday show with the stuff people want to hear.” And, as press materials point out, evening performances offer social opportunities. “There’s a reason those seats in the balcony are so close together,” Fisher says.In addition to the 8 p.m. Saturday and 4 p.m. Sunday shows, the chorus performs a family matinee at 3 p.m. Saturday, whittling the program down to a kid-friendly sixty minutes. Included in all shows is a reading of the children’s book Country Angel Christmas by its author, Tomie dePaola, whose appearance with the group for his Oliver Button Is a Sissy brought the chorus its new, younger fanbase. Call 816-931-3338 for more information.— Steve Walker

Top Secret, Keep Out!

12/6 & 12/13

Who hasn’t, at one point or another, longed to read someone else’s diary? Just knowing about the existence of a whole notebook dedicated solely to hidden thoughts is a gateway to the impure desire to pry. The Fahrenheit Gallery (1717 West Ninth Street) understands this pain. Its Dear Diary show, running from noon to 6 p.m. this Saturday and next, offers four entire walls of exposed feelings and open secrets. From Gustavo Roman’s musings on sex to the photo diaries of Ray Jeffrey and Israel Garcia, these works reveal truths otherwise kept under lock and key — but they also distort what diaries are. Expect to spend some time musing over notebooks contributed by Seth Johnson and squinting to read the handwriting found on Steve Campbell’s actual diary pages. Then you can finally let your inner snoop sigh in relief. Call 816-304-5477 for details.— Christopher Sebela


SAT 12/6

On the cover of Feminist Sweepstakes, the DIY queens known as Le Tigre wield construction materials while their hair is pulled back in sexy, sequined hair nets. This is how we plan to show up for the Fixing Our Drain Without Draining Our Budget workshop, part of the “Doing It Ourselves” series at the UMKC Women’s Center (105 Haag Hall, 52nd Street and Rockhill, 816-235-1638). The class, taught by Marilyn O’Madden of Free Thinkers Home Repair, begins at noon Saturday. Making O’Madden especially cool and inspiring is the fact that, as a plumber, she’s self-taught. It takes a set to get down with drains.— Gina Kaufmann

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