John Oliver loves the Nelson-Atkins Museum as much as you do. He loves using rat erotica for charity even more.

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In this last episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the show featured Kansas City’s own Nelson-Atkins Art Museum with a clip from this summer. This was from when KC Zoo penguins came to visit on a field trip. However, this was only a segway to a greater cause. Oliver urged viewers to donate to museums across the nation as well as promising to make their own donation in a more… interesting way.

The episode ended its’ latest show doing a feature piece on how museums have been affected during this global pandemic. With COVID-19 closing the majority of museums for a large chunk of the year, art museums have struggled financially. 

That’s why John Oliver is launching a campaign to get five museums across the country to host some of John’s erotic rat art for two weeks each in exchange for two $10,000 donations to those museums and to local food shelters.

In his segment, he gives examples of weird pieces of art that will be on display with random pieces like a painting of Wendy Williams eating a lamb chop, two rats making out, and many more. That’s as intricate and complex as an art piece can get. 

In moments of suffering, humanity has found solace in art so we’re looking at you KC. Let’s support our local art museum and get featured on big-time TV. 

To nominate the Nelson-Atkins, email saying you would like to see these pieces at the Nelson. 

UPDATE: Reader Sarah Garten supplied us with a list of other local museums that would make equally good candidates, and could probably use the influx of cash. Let’s spread out some nominations here:

American Jazz Museum

Steamboat Arabia Museum

Black Archives of Mid-America

Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center

Wornall House Museum

Kansas City Museum

National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Museum of Deaf History, Arts and Culture in Olathe

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