John Nolan

When John Nolan‘s band, Straylight Run, plays in Lawrence, you can pretty much count on an enthusiastic young crowd, and many will know the words to all of the songs. Probably not nearly as many know that he lives just down the street, having relocated from Long Island, New York, to Lawrence with his Kansas-rooted wife, Camille. Nolan is perfectly comfortable operating outside of the limelight as he distances himself from his old band, Taking Back Sunday, with music that’s decidedly more pensive, contemplative and mellow. Now operating solo in addition to occasionally reviving Straylight Run, Nolan is laying the foundation for what he hopes will be a new chapter in his songwriting career (with Camille’s accompaniment on guitar and piano). He’ll have copies of his debut solo album, Height, as he brings his piano-enhanced balladry to RecordBar.

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