Joe College pulls ‘Frank Martin mows my lawn’ T-shirt

Lawrence T-shirt shop Joe College has pulled anti-Kansas State T-shirts with the slogan, “Frank Martin Mows my lawn.”

On the Facebook page of 610 Sports’ Nick Wright, someone posted an e-mail from Joe College responding to criticism of the shirt.

“Thanks so much for your email. We sincerely appreciate your thoughts.

We had a college student submit the idea to us and we printed 24 of the

shirts. We sold two of them. We have received a few other emails about

the shirt and it was pulled from the store and the website as soon

as we received a complaint. We truly do appreciate your comments and

thank you for thinking of Have a great


Joe College was selling the shirts for $15.95, but the link to buy them is now dead.

In our poll, 89 percent of people hated the shirts.

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