JJ Grey and Mofro

Forget landlocked back porches — Mofro makes whiskey-drenched, pontoon-deck music that boogies down murky swamp waters. Main Mofro man JJ Grey grew up around Jacksonville, Florida, which explains the backwoods beats and woozy harmonica that swagger through many of his songs like a drunken uncle at a family reunion. The band’s 2006 album, Lochloosa, moves from lurching downbeats to danceable old-school funk. The guitar sounds as if it hitchhiked on back roads from Memphis to the bayou, alternating between raw blues and twangy classic-rock chord progressions. Lyrically, Grey’s got the bittersweet grit, and song titles, like “Dirtfloorcracker,” provide unabashedly visceral descriptions of the crunchy, dirty feel of the band’s entire discography.

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