Jitterbug dancing: satanic plot or satanic commie plot? Find out in the first Studies in Crap crazy preacher face-off!


Your Crap Archivist appreciates the role that crazy preachers have played in the grand pageant of our nation’s history.

As purely American a development as baseball or individually wrapped slices of cheese, these holy hell-raisers deserve applause for their great contribution to the national character: our tendency to blame complex social problems on the unrelated and newfangled.

For the first Studies in Crap Crazy Preacher Invitational, your Crap Archivist has lined up impassioned tracts on a common theme: How everyone who ever so much as hully-gullied will boil for eternity in a pit of fire. (See ya, Tom DeLay!)

In one corner, we have Dan Gilbert, whose angry 1942 pamphlet Hell Over Hollywood dared to expose secret Jewry in the movie business! In the other, we have the Billy-Graham-hating evangelist John R. Rice, who honored his Prince of Peace by naming his publishing company “Sword of the Lord“!

Gentlemen, start your batshittery!


Dan Gilbert’s The Heritage of Hell vs. John R. Rice’s What’s Wrong With the Dance?

Representative Quotes:

Gilbert: “Conceived in hell and brought forth by the brothel, the dance has established its immoral dominion over the life and destiny of the larger element of American youth.” (page 39).

Rice: “Listen to me, sisters, you bunch of hens. You who have been carrying on these dances in your homes, don’t open your chops. You have paved the way for lewdness, trained boys and girls for it.” (page 24)

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