Whereas children could once look forward to creative tunes written by singer/songwriters who chose to target a younger audience, kids must now make do with nonsensical, commercial offerings by the likes of Barney and The Teletubbies. However, Kansas City composer Jim Cosgrove delivers a dozen tot-themed tunes on Stinky Feet, and even enlists young relatives and a group of singers from the child-care facility Operation Breakthrough for backup vocals. From the silly title track, with its chorus of “P-U,” to the clever pseudo-reggae romp “Anger Bug” and the “Goin’ to Bed Early Blues,” Cosgrove sets preschool-age themes to country, folk, and pop backdrops. The songs are fairly simple, but the target audience for such ditties is likely to appreciate the lyrical content and catchy melodies, and parents should be pleased to hear their offspring singing actual words instead of “eh-oh.”

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