Jill “Sixx” Gevargizian returns with a new horror short, The Stylist

Director and producer Jill “Sixx” Gevargizian recently finished The Stylist, her most recent short horror film. Gevargizian is known for her strong support of women in the genre, and it appears her dedication is paying off; The Stylist is receiving a lot of love from women in the horror community.

Saturday night, Gevargizian’s film premieres at Etheria Film Night, an event dedicated to showcasing the best new horror, science fiction, fantasy, action, and thriller films from emerging women directors, at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, California.

The Pitch caught up with Gevargizian, Kansas City’s mistress of horror, about her new film, how it feels to be one of nine shorts selected to screen at Etheria and more.

The Pitch: How did you create the concept of the film?

Gevargizian: Well, I’ve been a hairstylist for over 10 years and often wondered why there wasn’t a horror film about a killer hairstylist. You’d think there’d be a silly slasher out there like The Dentist. We didn’t go that route, though. I came up with our concept about four years ago. Then about three years ago, I finally started to put it on paper (and I recently found that piece of paper). I basically wrote an outline. I handed that off to my very talented friend Eric Havens — he writes the actual script. Then we work back and forth fine-tuning. Eric is also the sole writer of my first film, Call Girl.

How did you recruit Najarra Townsend?

Isn’t she a dream? I met her through fellow director Eric England. I attended the premiere of his film Contracted and met her there. I really just acted like a fan, which I am.

Two years later, I was casting this role and she sprang to mind. To be honest, at first I thought she was too pretty. I wanted someone with a strangeness to them. But then I watch Contracted again and realized she’s too talented to not go for. So, I reach out to England, sent him the script, and asked if he thought she would be [interested]. The rest is history.

Tell us about the film’s style. How does it differ from your other projects?

I feel it’s very different. My previous shorts like Call Girl and Grammy have big punchlines, and both have lots of humor. I learned through making those that comedy isn’t my passion — drama is. The tone of The Stylist is very serious and emotional. I’ve been calling it a psychological horror-drama. The production value is higher on this than any of my other work because we hired a professional crew and really took our time crafting it.

I’ve never felt closer to anything I’ve made or more proud. I feel like this is my first film that really shows what I want to do.

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How is the short is being received so far?

It’s going so well! We are actually making our world premiere Saturday, June 11, in Los Angeles at Etheria Film Night. Etheria is a showcase of the best new horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, and thriller films directed by women. This year they only selected nine short films out of over 1,000 submissions. This is a huge deal for us. I will be there along with 10 others from our cast and crew.

I’m actually traveling all month with the film. Next weekend, I head to Salt Lake City for a screening at FilmQuest on Saturday, June 18. Then, I’ll be in Indianapolis at Days of the Dead June 24-26.

We’ve also gotten news that our international premiere will be held at the prestigious 20th annual Fantasia International Film Festival July 17- August 2 in Montreal.

Kansas City will get their chance to see it Saturday, September 17, at Screenland Armour. More details coming soon!

We have submitted the film to more festivals, too. We will announce screenings throughout the year. Please follow us on social media or check our site to keep up: sixxtape.com.

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Who was involved with making of The Stylist?

Oh, my. So many people. Our entire cast and crew is over 30 people. And
then, if we count our Kickstarter backers, it is probably over 60.

Our principal cast includes Najarra Townsend, which horror fans may recognize from Contracted, and local actress Jen Plas. Jen was such a trooper. Her character goes through some really bad stuff — let’s just say that.

produced the film with director of photography Robert Patrick Stern,
and Sarah Sharp. They brought down their entire camera and sound team.
Our mutual friend, John Pata, who also is a writer/director, edited the

I like to work with the same people over and over when
possible. For instance, this is my third film with colorist Taylre
Jones, composer Nicholas Elert, and special-effects artists Colleen May
and Philip Spruell. Angela Dupuie was our hairstylist, has a small role,
and let us shoot in her beautiful shop, the Birdcage Salon. Jill
Towerman also allowed us to use her house as a location. I could go on
and on. It couldn’t be done without each person and all their help,

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