Jessie, 20, on the Plaza


Don’t let anyone tell you it’s nice out today. It’s hot as balls. I was walking along on the Plaza, trying to think of other ways to describe the condition commonly known as “swamp ass,” when I ran into Jessie, looking like a cool khaki breeze. In a sweater. The A/C on the Plaza is un-environmentally kickin’, so I understood that she meant to spend a lot of time inside.

Jessie said that she likes to wear all different styles, as long as it’s not constricting or tight. The girl likes comfort.

“If I had to choose, I’d say I go for a more modern hippie look,” she said. She’d like to encourage Kansas Citians to look beyond the designer labels and trendy stores like Urban Outfitters on the Plaza — where she got her dress, p.s. — and explore Kansas City’s vintage and resale shops for more uniqueness. “The styles from the past are what most of these designers are mimicking, anyway,” she said, sensibly.

As for her style pet-peeves, her friends are the culprits. “One style that’s definitely overrated is the skinny jeans and v-neck thing. It drives me crazy, it’s all half my friends wear. They throw on Vans and Converse and they’re done. I love American Apparel, don’t get me wrong. It’s cute, but it gets old fast. It’s all my last boyfriend wore.”

Aha, the ex’s style. Well, that’ll be anyone’s pet peeve.

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