Jennifer Boe and other must-sees at the KCAC’s River Market Regional Exhibition

  • Jennifer Boe
  • Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream

Given that their juror was New York art critic Jerry Saltz, the works selected for the Kansas City Artists Coalition‘s 31st River Market Regional Exhibition carry a nod of celebrity beyond the event’s usual five-state zone. Saltz himself refers to the region (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma) as “the Kansas City area” in his catalog essay, but never mind. Instead, concentrate on his stated selection criteria (artists trying paths less traveled, for one) and the fact that he found twice as many worthy creations as would fit in the KCAC’s two upstairs galleries.

Among the approximately 60 installations, sculptures, paintings and photographs, there’s something to attract nearly everyone – meaning you have good reason to get to 201 Wyandotte before the show closes July 20.

I’m charmed, for instance, to see that Saltz has favored Jennifer Boe. Here, she has embroidered consumables onto a canvas, such as a flour sack, in this case with a ghostly transfer of Little Debbie bearing a tactile pair of oatmeal cream pies (above). I was already a fan of Boe’s art, and in this setting it works well.

After the jump, more of what to look for in the River Market before closing time Saturday.

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