Jenkins, Luetkemeyer among lobby puppets in Congress

E-mails obtained by The New York Times show that lobbyists working for biotech powerhouse Genetech and two Washington, D.C., law firms drafted statements for members of Congress to read into the Congressional Record. Among the dozen-plus House members who parroted language from the prepared text verbatim: Missouri Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer and Kansas Republican Lynn Jenkins.

The statements, versions of which were prepared for legislators from both parties, applaud the recently House-passed health-care bill for its job-creating provisions, though of course the language handed to Republicans poo-poos the larger bill. The Times quotes Jenkins’ word-for-word echo of the lobbyists’ verbiage as containing, after a pat on the Republican back for fighting the bill, this let-my-people-go nugget: “I do believe the sections relating to the creation of a market for biosimilar products is one area of the bill that strikes the appropriate balance in providing lower cost options.” With tough talk like that, it’s no wonder Kansans can’t get enough of lovable, kooky Jenkins.

Maybe now she’ll be able to raise more money from medical interest groups.

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