Jeff the Mastiff, KC’s canine TikTok star, stays paws-itive in The Pitch Questionnaire

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Jeff poses for a photo on the couch, making sure that the camera gets his good side. // Courtesy Eric Fain

Jeff is only five years old, but he already has over 40,000 followers on TikTok. The English Mastiff is beloved across the city for being a gentle giant—especially with his three feline siblings: Teddy, Milly, and Foot-Foot. 

While his dad Eric Fain is busy releasing music under the name “Bahroot” (after the sound Jeff makes while yawning) and working as the Special Events Manager at the Midland, Jeff is the most supportive groupie imaginable. He gives lots of kisses, hugs, and is always there to greet his parents at the door when they get home.

Social Handles: 

IG: @augustusfain

TikTok: @jeffthemastiff

Hometown: Leavenworth, Kansas

Current neighborhood: South Kansas City

The Pitch: What has your journey been like as a rising star in KC?  

I love people, and I love going places like the park and to work with my dad. 

What’s it like having a dad who works in music?

It’s cool! I’ve gotten to lick and smell many nice people. Tom Delonge (of Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves) was very nice and smelled good and is a very tall human.

Music is sometimes too loud, so I like to go to shows with him before it gets too loud. When I go to work with Dad everyone gives me hugs. Sometimes people are scared of me because I’m big, but that doesn’t last long. 

Do you get to preview all of his songs before they’re released? 

Yes, he lets me sleep on the floor while making all kinds of weird sounds. 

How many pounds of kibble do you go through a week? 

Two bowls a day, and sometimes when Mom and Dad aren’t home I like to eat the cats’ leftover food. But please do not tell them.

How does it feel to be TikTok famous? Do you ever get recognized on the street? 

I barely notice. Dad handles all my social media stuff because, ya know, thumbs. I don’t care too much about the fame, but it’s been nice to hear that people think I’m a good boy—dare I say, the goodest boy.

Clearly, the camera loves you. Do your siblings ever get frustrated or jealous of your fame? 

They’ve been surprisingly very supportive. Normally, they are only jealous if Mom is giving me all the attention. 

How do you unwind from a long day in the spotlight? 

I like to go on late afternoon walks around the neighborhood with the kids that live next door. Everyday, they get out of school and knock on my door, and Dad and I make sure they are safe and having fun riding their bikes. After that, if I’ve been good, I get to have a cup of Frosty Paws Doggy Ice Cream. 

One question for you before we go… do you have any cheese? Cheese is my favorite.

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