Jazz Beat: Tony Tixier at the Blue Room

Pianist and composer Tony Tixier was born in France, where he studied classical piano and first took the stage at age 7. Now 30, he has made jazz his musical voice. He plays with absorbing depth, gentle introspection and beguiling intelligence, with solos of uncanny inventiveness and precision. Tixier and Kansas City musicians have developed a surprising rapport. In 2012, his second album, Dream Pursuit, featured KC–born and -raised saxophonist Logan Richardson. Tixier took the piano chair on Journey, the 2014 album from Diverse with trumpeter Hermon Mehari, bassist Ben Leifer and drummer Ryan Lee. He has played Kansas City venues backing Mehari several times in recent years; together, they’re two halves of a single voice. Friday night, Tixier visits the Blue Room fronting his own trio.

Tony Tixier Trio

8:30 p.m. Friday, November 4, at the Blue Room, 1600 East 18th Street ($10)

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