JAZZ BEAT: Tim Whitmer and the KC Express at The Phoenix Saturday

In the Phoenix, the bar wraps tightly around the piano, sparing barely enough space for the instrument’s player to climb in, and for a couple of other musicians to wedge between it and the front windows. The drummer huddles in a corner against the entrance. And sitting at that bar feels like sitting in the musicians’ laps as they play just for you. Tim Whitmer has been swinging the piano here for 27 years with the gusto and joy that define Kansas City-style jazz. These days he performs most Saturdays with the KC Express, including Tom DeMasters on guitar, Rick Huyett on bass, Ray DeMarchi on drums and Lori Tucker or Millie Edwards singing. Claim a seat at the piano bar when you want to feel good.

Tim Whitmer and the KC Express
4:30-8:30 p.m. Saturday, June 18
The Phoenix, 302 West Eighth Street ($5)

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