Jazz Beat: Mark Lowrey and Molly Hammer at Green Lady Lounge

No KC club today books more jazz than Green Lady Lounge does. Sixteen shows fill its schedule over the next week as owner John Scott expands into daylight hours — though, given the room’s velvet-dark ambience, it’s easy to forget the sun here. Starting at noon on Mondays, you can now enjoy singer Molly Hammer and pianist Mark Lowrey. Mixing standards and eclectic jazz, Hammer’s voice can glide with sass or soar with vivid theatrical flair. Lowrey’s range covers classic jazz through bebop, with detours to Franz Liszt or Radiohead. The bar does not serve lunch, so you’re encouraged to bring your own. (Folks here like the nearby Brick.) Scott is preparing to expand noontime jazz to the rest of the workweek. For now, Lowrey and Hammer, who placed first and second as Best Jazz Artists in this year’s Pitch Best Of Kansas City readers’ poll, and Green Lady, which scored as Best Jazz Club, come together each Monday — emphasis on day.

Mark Lowrey and Molly Hammer

Noon to 3 p.m. Mondays at Green Lady Lounge, 1809 Grand (free)