Jay Matlack, KCK Community College workforce development coordinator, answers The Pitch‘s questionnaire

: Jay Matlack

Occupation: Workforce development coordinator at KCK Community College, co-owner of Tricycle Transit, co-owner of MRJT Real Estate, and assistant cross-country coach

Hometown: Shawnee

Current neighborhood: The Crossroads

What’s your addiction? Going to concerts, discovering new music, watching any kind of soccer, and running.

What’s your game? Spades. Good friends or family, a cold beer and a good game of spades, and I’m pretty darn satisfied.

What’s your drink? Pilsner Urquell for my favorite beer, Miller High Life if I want cheap domestic, or rum and Coke if I know dancing may be involved.

Where’s dinner? LuLu’s Thai Noodle Shop is right next door to me. I eat there almost weekly. Mushroom curry is where it’s at! Makes me sweat when I eat it, phew.

Finish this sentence: “Kansas City got it right when … ” Barbecuing, tailgating or hosting all-star events.

“Kansas City screwed up when … “ Choosing not to have stadiums closer to downtown. I would love to see the downtown businesses benefit from the extra people.

“In five years, I’ll be … “ More focused on one big project, rather than multiple small ones. I also hope to find a house to purchase in either midtown or the 17th and Summit area.

“I’ve been known to binge-watch … “ The Office, Wilfred and, admittedly, reality singing competitions (sigh).

“I can’t stop listening to … “ Dave Matthews Band (yes, still), the Avett Brothers, and just about anything with piano.

“I just read … “ Fever Pitch, which describes a fan’s loyalty and addiction to sports accurately.

The best advice I ever got: “Wherever you are, be sure to be 100 percent there” – from my biology teacher in high school. I try my best to follow this. If I’m at work, I try not to be distracted by anything outside of work. If I’m out with friends, I make sure I give my full attention to having fun.

My sidekick: Andrew Sully, who was my freshman college roommate. We’ve since been roommates in three separate cities.

My dating triumph/tragedy: Constant bloody nose all date after I had gotten elbowed earlier that day; spent more time in the bathroom (#tragedy). Taking dance lessons at the nearby nursing home on Valentine’s Day (#triumph).

My brush with fame: I was on the front page of the NCAA catalog and on the website banner for several years after they took a random photo of the middle of the pack during a collegiate cross-country race. My photo was right next to the big football and basketball stars on their site. Kevin Durant, Vince Young and … me.

My 140-character soapbox: Those who yell at runners driving by: I know my shorts are too short, and, yes, Forrest Gump is a great movie, but I already know all of the quotes.

Who’s sorry now? That mouse that was in our office and eating my buffalo meatballs for lunch.

My recent triumph: Due to my running addiction, I often fear lifting heavy things. My triumph is that I have consistently lifted weights for almost four months.

Kansas City, Kansas, Community College hosts a digital storytelling forum, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, September 26, at the Thomas R. Burke Technical Education Center (6565 State Avenue, in Kansas City, Kansas). Look for experts and employers from KCnext, t2, ArtsKC, the Kansas City FilmFest, and more. The event is free.

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