Jane’s Addiction


Jane says she’s done with Sergio, and this time she really means it. In fact, Jane doesn’t even seem to have much of an addiction anymore. Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell are married. Farrell lopped off those nappy dreads that could have easily hidden a dozen hypodermic needles. And everyone seems so … sober. But why fret? Jane’s Addiction circa 2003 still commands plenty of attention; the group even earned some accolades for its latest album, Strays. In fact, Jane’s Addiction reportedly sold out The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas in about eleven minutes. Impressive, even if the show is in the relatively cozy confines of the Beaumont Club. Fans should be ready to cuddle with a kinder, gentler and — dare I say — more family-friendly band as it hits the radio-station Christmas-show circuit. Bribe, cajole or sleep with whomever you have to for a ticket, because you probably won’t get this close until the boys start hitting the county-fair circuit.

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