Jackson County among the first to receive new criminal justice data tool

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The Commons dashboard, a new criminal justice database tool, is coming to Jackson County. // Image courtesy of Commons

Jackson County is among the first counties in the United States to receive a new tool that makes criminal justice data more accessible.

Nonprofit organization Measures for Justice partnered with the district attorney’s office in Yolo County, Ca., to create Commons– a public data tool that provides monthly data over the same set of criminal justice facts that the DA’s office has. Through new funding, Measures for Justice is able to bring Commons to the offices of 15 district attorneys, including Jackson County’s.

The implementation of this tool is intended to improve data management for the offices of district attorneys and ensure transparency for the public about the status of criminal justice in their community. The dashboard provides information about all cases that pass through the office, breaks down defendant and victim demographic trends, and tracks progress toward specific policy goals.

The Commons dashboard for Yolo County is currently public and serves as a prototype for what the tool can do. Amy Bach, CEO of Measures for Justice, says the dashboard serves a dual purpose for both prosecutors and the general public of communities to stay informed and hold criminal justice leaders accountable.

“Prosecutors must have adequate data to assess their decision-making, and communities need that data to hold their prosecutor accountable,” Bach says. “Commons is a win for everyone. It’s about finding a way to communicate with one another in pursuit of a shared goal: a better, more fair and efficient criminal justice system.”

Track the tool’s current dashboards and find more info here.

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