Jack Cashill’s latest Obama conspiracy contained ‘egregious error’

Jack Cashill, the Kansas City-based conspiracy theorist, believes that Barack Obama‘s political career is built on a pack of lies. He’s suspicious about the birth certificate, of course. He thinks Bill Ayers ghost-wrote Obama’s autobiography Dreams From My Father, an idea that Donald Trump has taken out for a test drive. He doubts that Barack Obama Sr. is the president’s biological father, preferring a leftist poet and journalist named Frank Marshall Davis as the impregnator.

Cashill’s most recent bit of Obamaology was in the public realm for all of eight hours before it became an object of ridicule. Writing at WorldNetDaily, Cashill asserted that Obama had been inserted into a photograph of his maternal grandparents. But the supposedly damning “source” image is itself a Photoshop job, and a sloppy one at that.

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