Ivory Mae Thomas affected by KC Plant’s promethium spill?

When I last checked in with 82-year-old Ivory Mae Thomas, a former Kansas City Plant worker, she wasn’t sure what she’d been contaminated with, but she knew it was bad.

Twenty-one years ago, Thomas was working the night shift as a janitor when her supervisors told her to drop everything and rush to the facility’s medical station. There, they had her change clothes and scrub her skin with special soap. Afterward, employees in masks and goggles followed her home and cleaned her carpets. Ever since that day, Thomas says, her health has been failing.

Now, 21 years later, Thomas is getting some answers via Channel 41’s Russ Ptacek. Through some heavy-duty FOIA-ing of governmental agencies (Ptacek estimates he’s received upwards of 10,000 pages of documents, with more on the way), Ptacek was able to shed some light on what may have contaminated the plant the day of Thomas’ incident.

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