It’s not the size of it … Kansas City doesn’t crack top 20 in penis size

Kansas City isn’t really big 12 country. The expert researchers Condomania, an online condom store, ranked U.S. cities by penis size, and KC didn’t rise to the occasion. We didn’t even crack the top 20.

Go figure the nation’s tenth-biggest dicks come from St. Louis — and the biggest dicks of them all are in New Orleans and Washington, D.C.

In the state rankings, Kansas came out average, ranking 26 overall in penis size. Missouri was a flaccid 36th, despite St. Louis’ strong showing. No. 1? New Hampshire?

No doubt the data was collected from Condomania fitting rooms.

After the jump, Condomania’s top 20 cities, state rankings and some other stats. And don’t feel bad, guys. At least we’re not Wyoming.

Update: Condomania spokesman Adam Glickman tells me there wasn’t enough

of a sampling of data for Kansas City penes (yes, that’s the plural) for

us to rank.

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