It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll and be AC/DC

Peter Rugg has dirty details from his escapades at a biker rally in Urich, Missouri. Some of them are damn unsavory; but some of them are unapologetically rock and roll. He’s got both for you over at The Plog.

Sometimes a story is just too big for one feature, and in the case of this week’s cover story on the quest to build a biker rally in Urich, Missouri, (“Field of Dirty Dreams“) there were some things I just didn’t have the space for. (There were some things you shouldn’t know about.)

Then, there was Big Guns, the rally’s musical headliner, and a tribute to the greatest active rock and roll band in the world, AC/DC. When I was destroying myself in the middle of nowhere to bring you the story, they offered me shelter on their tour bus to talk tribute band groupies, the pressures of being someone else on stage and why everyone loves AC/DC.

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