It’s the Last Days of the Spidermums

“Over and Over the Same Things” by the Spidermums, from Spidermums (self-released):

After six promising months, the best-named band in Kansas City is breaking up.

Yet, even after two members move in coming weeks, the story of the Spidermums could continue through additional releases. “We’re gonna be like Tupac,” jokes singer and guitarist James Capps.

He’s one of the ‘Mums who’s moving. He’s headed to Rotterdam with his girlfriend; bass player Trevis Stewart is going to Austin, Texas. They and frontman Josh Thomas are reminiscing over drinks one night at the Brick.

Among the shoegazey band’s accomplishments: recording three EPs, surviving a 14-day tour, earning a random write-up in New York magazine.

Frustrations: scrambling for power in New York, legal troubles that prevented original ‘Mums drummer Justin Piatt from touring. Luckily, the band got Oscar Allen to fill in.

“We had fun and did what we want­ed to do for a minute,” Thomas says.

He’s intent on preserving that minute. Thomas blogged about every day on the road and compulsively recorded Spidermums songs in audio and video.

“I was in bands that were completely undocumented,” he says. “It’s almost like they never existed. It’s nice to have proof.”

Thomas plans to keep tweaking that proof — fuzzed-out rock songs and grainy videos — in his home studio and releasing more Spidermums EPs in coming months. He’ll post the videos online at

For posterity’s sake, then, are farewell shows at the Brick on Saturday and at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence on Sunday.

“I’m sure we’ll all be in bands together again,” Thomas says.

Or, he adds, “We could record separately and e-mail. We could just play together through the Internet.”

That name, after all, is too good to waste.

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