It Takes Focus

We all want to be remembered in some way. Mother Teresa had the poor. Jane Goodall had chimps. Zippy the Clown had brightly colored balls. It takes a lot of commitment to go the route of Jane Goodall or Mother Teresa, so we recommend the balls. Luckily, you can make your mark this weekend at the Kansas City Juggling Festival, where organizers hope to set some world records. Ideally, your world-record idea is juggling-related, but the Juggling Club has promised to help you out no matter what you’re attempting. Officials will be on hand with timers, measuring tapes, clickers, video and photo equipment, and anything else that can be used to measure or capture your efforts. Also: beginner juggling workshops and shows. Balls, bowling pins and a knife or two will start flying at 9 a.m. and stay in the air all weekend at 16200 East U.S. Highway 40. Admission is free. See

Fri., Oct. 2; Sat., Oct. 3; Sun., Oct. 4, 2009