Is Velveeta playing the biggest April Fools joke? Company announces skincare line

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Photo courtesy Velveeta Twitter @EatLiquidGold

Velveeta announced the V by Velveeta skincare line on March 30 and it has generated mixed reactions.

The line, which has a waitlist, contains three products-a daily moisturizer, night cream, and renewal serum.

“The creaminess of Velveeta, now in skincare,” says the V by Velveeta website.

Each product is the same color as Velveeta cheese and ranges from $35 to $50 in price. Velveeta says the products are not suitable for consumption and should not be warmed.

People are skeptical if it is real because even though it was announced on March 30, some Twitter users have inquired if is an early April Fools joke. However, Velveeta responded to one user saying it was real.

“V by Velveeta is not suitable for all skin types,” says Velveeta in a FAQ section about the skincare line. “Because it’s full of dairy goodness, those with dairy allergens may have an adverse reaction.”

Most skincare lines do not describe their products as “dairy goodness”. If this is somehow real, I may throw up if anyone puts it near my face.

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