Is the strike over yet?

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A couple of days ago, I thought about driving out to the Truman Sports Complex to take photos of striking workers. I’m glad I didn’t go. The strike was over just in time for the noon news. This morning, the cement masons are supposed to “be in full strike mode” after talks between the Cement Masosn Local 518 and the Builders Association of Greater Kansas City broke down Thursday night, according to KSHB Channel 41. I’ve been flipping between KMBC Channel 9 and KCTV Channel 5 for about 20 minutes and there’s been only a couple of mentions about the strike. But it’s nothing like Wednesday morning when local TV stations were all over the story with live remotes. Today, I’ve only seen a few quick bumper shots of picketing workers. Maybe the stations are being a little more cautious after the quick, “good faith” end to picketing Wednesday. We’ll see if the strike lasts through the noon news.

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