Incoming: The Koffin Kats at Jerry’s Baitshop, October 4

Psychobilly rockers the Koffin Kats will be gracing Kansas City with their prescence once again. The band will be coming through as part of their “Coast to Coast US Party Time ’09” tour, which is just about the best name for a tour as I’ve heard in a good long while. Do bands even name their tours anymore? It seemed like everything used to be all “Monsters of Rock,” now we get nothing. The last good tour name I heard was the “Shred Yr Face” thing they’ve done in the UK the past couple years.

Anyhow, we get them early on in the tour, which is pretty good, because it looks like the Kats are going to exhaust themselves. Their message announcing the tour states “is going from the beginning of september up till x mas,” and that’s a looooooooooong-ass time to be on the road, especially considering the ferocity of the live shows in question. Check out tha band’s live photos and count the bruises and cuts.

The tour, in support of the band’s most recent release, Drunk in the Daylight, hit Jerry’s Bait Shop in Lenexa on October 4.

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