Incoming: The Bottle Rockets at Knuckleheads, October 24

Missouri’s the Bottle Rockets used to be billed as being from Festus. They now reside in St. Louis, which doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Despite the fact that they’ve always flirted along the edges of popularity, coming up right at the same time that Wilco, Son Volt, and the Old 97s were making their names heard, the Bottle Rockets have never really had the same sort of success. They’ve got a rabid fanbase, however, and the band returns the love given them, such as picking one fan’s set list for each of the 15 fifteenth anniversary shows last year.

And, hell — they’re on Bloodshot. That there is the mark of quality all by itself. With the exception of anything Trailer Bride ever did, I can’t say there’s not a Bloodshot release I’ve disliked. They do what they do quite right, and the Bottle Rockets’ Lean Forward is a continuation of that high mark of quality.

MP3: the Bottle Rockets, “Hard Times”

MP3: the Bottle Rockets, “Get On the Bus”

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