Incoming: Pearl Jam

In keeping with the bombardment of ’90s nostalgia that Kansas City has been battered with lately (Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, etc.), now you’ve got yet another reason to resurrect your grunge records, unwashed hair and plaid-n-workboots ensemble this summer: Pearl Jam is hitting the Sprint Center on Monday, May 3.

Pearl Jam is touring in support of their recent album, Backspacer, and they’re going to make a killing, of course—but that’s all normal. What’s weird is their opener: Band of Horses. Not too sure how these country-tinged indie folkers’ dreamy ballads and rambunctious hand-claps are going to mesh with Eddie Vedder’s guttural howls and punchy punk hooks; but, this show is going to sell out in three minutes, and that’s what matters. …Right?
Here’s a short documentary on the making of Pearl Jam’s Backspacer
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