Incoming: MUTEMATH at the Granada, October 5

I’ll be honest — this is really just an excuse to post a really awesome MUTEMATH live performance of “The Nerve” from a concert in Tokyo earlier this summer.

See? Neat, huh? Now, when I saw MUTEMATH play live back in 2006, I’d never even heard of them. Imagine my surprise when I showed up at the Bottleneck and the show was sold out, with a line of kids trying to get in. The lights dimmed, the band came out, drummer / sampler guy Darren King duct-taped his headphones to his head, and Paul Meany grabbed the mic. The amazingly neat light show kicked on, and the place went nuts.

Seriously, their song “Typical,” while a decent single, does absolutely no justice to how this band performs live. I do not care for this style of pop at all, but when MUTEMATH plays live, it is a sight to behold. Do not sleep on this band. In another couple of years, they’ll figure out how to make that perfect radio single, and you’ll be standing at the back of the Sandstone lawn wondering why the hell you didn’t these guys up close and personal when you had the chance.

As Tall As Lions open the show. If you click on their name, you can go to their MySpace page and stream their new album in its entirety.

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