Incoming: Max Tundra at the Czar Bar, November 20

Domino Records calls Max Tundra‘s music “cosmic glitch-pop R&B,” which is as good a name as any for the refreshing way he blends ’80s pop, dance grooves, glitchy bitcore, and funk.

The man born Ben Jacobs knows how to rock a beat, and the Czar Bar’s just intimate enough to make it feel like you and every person dancing next to you are getting your very own personal concert. If you like Chromeo, this is your new shit.

Deastro (pronounced just like the GI Joe villain — the spelling change was to avoid lawsuits) opens, playing what Rolling Stone calls “rapturous pop [constructed] out of rushing rainbows of synths.”

MP3: Max Tundra, “Which Song”

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