Incoming: Biz Markie at the Power & Light KC Live Stage, September 17

Holy shit! Biz Markie is not only coming to Kansas City, he’s playing for free! Here’s the deal: the Biz is DJ’ing a free set on the KC Live stage in the Power and Light District at 10:45pm on September 17. Shortly after that (12:30am or so), he’ll do a VIP set at Mosaic where I’m guessing there will be a cover, since that place is tiny.

Now, the man can DJ. But, let’s be serious, here. Nobody wants to see Biz Markie DJ. We want to see the man beatbox. We want to hear “Just A Friend.” We want to hear him spit rhymes like he did on “Let Me Clear My Throat.” More importantly, we want to hear him “Make the Music With Your Mouth, Biz.” I hope to god we’re not stuck seeing him spin records for free (not that I’m knocking free anything, understand?) while those who can convince the bouncers they’re “very important people” get to hear the musical mouth.

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