Ida McBeth and Lonnie and Ronnie McFadden play the Gem Theater Saturday

Since the early 1980s, Kansas City has known Ida McBeth’s spirited mix of jazz plus blues plus R&B, a sound the singer further dips in gospel before serving with emotion and delightful sass. And even before then, this city knew hoofer “Pops” McFadden’s boys. Lonnie plays trumpet, Ronnie plays sax, and both can tap dance with boundless energy and perfect grace, just as their father did. It’s easy to take for granted musicians who have been part of this city’s fabric for decades. We don’t always recognize them as some of today’s best jazz talent anywhere. Saturday night, the Jammin’ at the Gem series corrects that by honoring Ida McBeth and the McFadden brothers with lifetime achievement awards. When they take the stage to perform, enthusiasm and fun are a certainty.

Ida McBeth and Lonnie and Ronnie McFadden
8 p.m. Saturday, May 14,
at the Gem Theater,
1601 East 18th Street
($35 and up)

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