I Wear the Song puts music to clothing

Madrigal Merchandise has created a line of shirts called I Wear the Song, the concept being:

Now, everywhere you go, fans and music lovers are showing support for their favorite band by wearing t-shirts with the band’s name and picture on it. Sometimes that’s not enough, it’s the song you fell in love with, it’s the song that’s playing in your head, and it’s the song you want to make a statement with!

They’re not going too deeply with this first batch of shirts. There’s a Wang Chung shirt with “Everybody have fun tonight/Everybody Wang Chung tonight,” a Byrds shirt with the lyrics to “Eight Miles High,” The Smithereens‘ “A Girl Like You” t-shirt looks surprisingly like a hip hop shirt, and a clever take on “Solid As A Rock” with a picture of our current president on it. That last one’s a Saturday Night Live lift, if I’m not mistaken.

What would you like to see on a shirt? Something more literal or something a little more surreal?

(Courtesy Kief’s Downtown Music)

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