How is Missouri spending COVID-19 funds? Take a look for yourself, via a new transparency website

Screen Shot 2021 03 16 At 14423 Pm

A screen grab of the portal.

State Treasurer, Scott Fitzpatrick, launched the Federal COVID-19 Related Funds Transparency Portal as an expansion of the CARES Act Funds Portal. The portal will include information about the American Rescue Plan Act and subsequent funding.

The portal will help Missouri citizens hold local government accountable for their spending of pandemic-related funding by providing documentation on where the money is being spent.

“The CARES Act Funds Portal has been a useful resource for Missourians seeking information about pandemic-related expenditures—and also for our local government leaders,” says Fitzpatrick. “I hope this expanded portal will continue to serve as a go-to resource for information about federal funding as well as how state government is using its funds to serve Missourians.”

To ensure Missourians’ access to important documents such as full text of legislation and a breakdown of funding allocations by state, county, or municipality, the portal will be updated as more resources become available.

The portal can be viewed here.


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