House of Large Sizes

This is the House that Dave and Barb built. After 14 years, singer-guitarist Dave Deibler and bassist/fashion expert Barb Schilf are still the coolest married couple to scorch the plains with a hybrid of modern punk and ’70s rock. House of Large Sizes is back on the highway (with a “wide load” sign on its trailer, no doubt) in honor of its newest disc, Idiots Out Wandering Around, a 22-track sampling of live favorites from its last tour, including three never-before-recorded baubles. Although the album’s title is a pertinent acronym for Iowa, some of the project was recorded in other receptive Midwestern states — but, sadly, none was culled from the trio’s numerous KC and Lawrence appearances that have established the group’s reputation as a can’t-miss live act. Maybe this upcoming show will be captured for a future live disc or at least for posterity, because local audiences have long treated Iowa’s best rock band as one of their own.

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