Hot Topic has 50% off clearance

Before you all start complaining, take a minute to chill. Normally, we prefer to steer you towards local establishments to purchase your music. However, if you’re looking to blow some leftover Christmas money or want to snag some recent vinyl for cheap, head over to Hot Topic. They’re got a sale going on through today where all their clearance merchandise is 50% off.

The wife and I hit the one in Topeka when we made a trip west for tacos this Saturday, and came away with six LPs, one 10″, four 7″s, and three t-shirts, and still got change back from two $20 bills. There’s some good stuff in those vinyl clearance bins, kids — NOFX‘s Punk In Drublic, Alkaline Trio‘s self-titled singles collection and the Goddammit repress, as well as the usual lunkheaded metalcore and screamo.

There’s a store in the Great Mall of the Great Plains, as well as the Legends, if you’re so inclined. The girl working the register in Topeka told me this is the best time to hit up clearance, as they’ve got inventory coming up in a few weeks, and the less they’ve got to inventory the better. Thus, they’re cleaning house.

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