Hospital Ships to release Lonely Twin on June 7

Jordan Geiger is crafting some of Lawrence’s finest pop songs these days. (Singing and songwriting in Minus Story and playing trumpet and keyboard for Shearwater helped prime his ear, too.) Now, he’s releasing his latest album under the Hospital Ships moniker on June 7. It’s called Lonely Twin. Here’s what the press release for the album says:

Geiger has taken the fractured Midwestern influences of the Flaming Lips and Bright Eyes to fresh new heights. “Honey Please” is a rollicking slice of queasy, off-kilter rock, but tender tracks like “Bird In Furs” and “Phantom Limb” revisit Geiger’s bedroom strengths: intimate, majestic moments of indie-pop beauty that rise and fall with the crescendos and valleys of his high-pitched tenor.

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